Venture Capital Private Equity IT Conference

The VCPEIT conference is an annual conference with 50-60 IT Decision makers across the venture capital, private equity, and alternative asset market to meet with 5-7 sponsors in varying areas of technology solutions and services. During the conference, we are able to have deep dive technical demo’s and discussions with these sponsors as well as participate in roundtable user discussions, which some sponsors are included to participate. These have been very valuable in a unique setting that offers candid insight, the successes and pitfalls of certain vendors, products, services, etc… Think of it as the most technical and hands-on, real-world product research, user experience, and product development roundtable.

April 22-25, 2024

1 Hotel, Nashville TN

A learning experience

Break away from the constraints of your busy office schedule to engage and collaborate with Technology Leaders from across the alternative asset industry. Learn about the latest technology, cyber, and regulatory trends from a group of peers, share implementation use cases, and enjoy presentations from a curated group of industry-leading vendors.

A networking opportunity

A unique networking opportunity for Senior Technology Executives from our representative firms to get to know one another, build on relationships established through local meetings and email interactions, and sharing candid perspectives on how to improve the world class service that is expected by our demanding industry.

March 27-30, 2023

Hotel Emma, San Antonio TX

Previous Sponsors

VCPEIT’s annual conference is produced by and for senior and forward thinking IT executives, CTO’s and key decision makers from private equity, venture capital, and leveraged buyout firms.