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VCPEIT’s annual conference is produced by and for senior and forward-thinking IT executives, CTO’s and key decision makers from private equity, venture capital, and leveraged buyout firms. This conference is a great opportunity for sponsors to interact face-to-face in an intimate setting to educate their products and service offerings to a select group of 50-60 of the most influential technology leaders in venture capital, private equity, and other alternative asset firms. In aggregate, attending firms speak for roughly 40 million of annual IT spend and oversee technology for thousands of end users across domestic and international offices.

Sponsors will have the focused attention of a captive audience to demonstrate their technology as well as discuss their solutions and industry expertise over a period of several days.

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“The VCPE IT Group puts on a unique event full of innovative IT thought leaders that are highly connected in the Venture Capital and Private Equity community as well as in the broader market through their portfolio companies. Our ROI of sponsoring their event was 24X in the first 4 months with 17 new customers and we continue to bring on new prospective customers through connections our team made at the event along with word of mouth from their extended community.”

Jon JardimAbnormal Security

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